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CaptainDash is currently looking for bright, talented to help us change the marketing world.

We are a startup company, which means that everyone who joins now will have a big impact.

We’re looking for key people, to join our team who are passionate and believe :

  • that the influx of data into marketing has been one of the most important changes to players across the landscape.
  • Advertising, strategies, campaigns, and distribution are increasingly based on predictive algorithms, spreadsheets and math
  • The biggest issue for marketers is the Metric

We are based in Paris but we are a flat organization and we believe in an open and flat world.

So if you’re a talent based somewhere in the world… Let’s talk on twitter @captain_dash or by email:

Open positions :

Interaction Designer

  • Responsibilities:
    • Create interaction models, user task flows, screen designs, and UI details that promote ease of use, improving and optimizing the user experience.
    • Develop and maintain high-level wireframes, story boards, mockups, specifications, and navigation maps that communicate your design ideas.
    • Build prototypes to demonstrate and test your recommendations.
  • Requirements
    • We prefer humans beings: Male or Female
    • Dynamical, team player, self-starter, enthusiast, flexibility and creativity

Silverlight & Flex Developpers

  • Responsibilities:
    • The Flex & silverlight Developers will be responsible for building and maintaining significant aspects of the CaptainDash platform and enhancing functionality based on customer and industry feedback.
  • Requirements
    • We prefer humans beings: Male or Female
    • The ideal candidate should have demonstrable experience implementing Rich Internet Applications in Adobe Flex and ActionScript or Silverlight.
    • Experience developing data visualizations using Adobe Flex or Silverligt,  dealing with advanced graphing, charting and dashboard layout design.
    • Strong understanding of object-oriented principles.
    • Understanding of Java Excellent analytical and communication skills
    • So If you’re a creative, critical thinker with a strong technical background who knows how to analyze a problem and tackle it head-on, we’re interested in you.

Database Administrator

  • Responsibilities:
    • The Database Administrator will manage all technical aspects of the database as well as the different interactions between the database and the external data sources.
    • He/She will participate in the database structure definition according to the needs as defined in the functionnal specifications.
    • He/She will have a technology watching role, proactively recommending improvements in order to optimize the solution’s performance. He/She will implement the selected solutions showing a high degree of autonomy.
    • He/She will be responsible for modifying and improving the database structure and the data processes in order to adapt them to the continuous evolutions of the solution.
    • He/She will guaranty the systems and data security as well as their quality and availability.
    • He/She will be responsible for the database administration.
    • He/She will be in charge of maintaining the technical documentation.
  • Requirements
    • We prefer humans beings: Male or Female
    • Technical Studies
    • Successful 3-5 years experience in setting up and administrating high volume relational databases.
    • Familiar with OLAP and complex analysis on big datasets.
    • Experience in setting up and managing data flow between different information systems (API, Web Services, XML, database connexions, …)
    • Rigorous and methodical
    • Dynamical, team player, self-starter, enthusiast, entrepreneur, flexibility and creativity
    • Knowledge of the main DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), SQL expert


  • Responsibilities
    • The Analyst will identify and integrate external data sources which will add value to our solution. To achieve it, his/her responsabilities will include:
    • identifying relevant external data sources produced by public and private organizations.
    • participating in data gathering projects for data which are not existing yet.
    • analyzing these data sources in order to evaluate their reliability.
    • defining the specifications in order to automate the data flows between the different partner data sources and our database.
    • guarantying the availability of the distinct data flows in the agreed delays.
    • processing data if needed before their integration in our systems.
    • guarantying the quality of data manually or automatically integrated into our database.
    • be the preveliged interlocutor of our data providers and partners.
    • conduct ad hoc statistical studies on the data gathered.
  • Requirements
    • Being a human being : Male orFemale
    • University degree in Statistics and Database
    • A first successful experience in data analysis
    • Good SQL knowledge
    • Rigorous and methodical
    • Dynamical, team player, self-starter, enthusiast, entrepreneur, flexibility and creativity
    • Required languages: English
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