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CaptainDash Solution

On-demand dashboards for marketers

  • CaptainDash integrates all external data streams.
    • From the company ERP to the Agency input and the Web analytics
  • CaptainDash provid a library of external data :
    • Principle Country weather (PC), PC Air Quality, PC Water Quality, PC Stock Market Info, PC Consmer Information, PC Road Traffic, PC School Calendars, Religious Calendars, Energy Prices, Flu Maps, Google Trends, Currencies, World Weather, Pollen Count, Strikes and Demonstrations, Geolocalized Social Data, Electoral Map, Electoral Calendar, Economic Intelligence, TV Audience, Cinema Audience, Mortality Map, Obesity Map, Automobile Registration, Pandemic Map…

  • Which allows data comparison whether they be internal or external.

A palette of tools for Marketers

  • Data stream dashboards : adds drag & drop for internal and external data streams
  • Correlation tools : internal and External data correlation with historicals
  • A dashboard library : Graphics designed for marketing
  • Inspectors : Maps, Calendars, town classifications…
  • Export functions : Ppt, pdf, video

The benefits of CaptainDash for Marketing & Communications Departments

  • Economic promise : Up to 50% more efficiency in campaigns.
  • Fewer marketing personnel. No more need for a plethora of people to « crunch » data.
  • Value Added benefits for Marketers. Speed, efficiency, productivity Possibility to pitch budgets
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