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BizSpark One

June 25, 2011

There has been lot of news recently for CaptainDash… While we have been rushing to finalise the V1 of our offering, our partnership with Microsoft has strengten pretty well. Initially we got a BizSpark Agreement, which means that we counted among the companies that Microsoft supports and services. In France, we counted among a bunch of several dozen of startups that works closely with MS, accessing support, software, help for busdev, and so on. But recently we have perceived that MS was willing to go further. We got several visits from US executives and we had the feeling that any of our moves was closely followed by MS. Finally we got the news only a few days ago : we have been elected for the BizPark One program !

While BizPark is a good thing, BizPark One is truly different. It is reserved to the top 100 most promising companies in the world, according to Microsoft. Being part of the program means that you get a lot of help from them and it is also an acknowledgment of our strategy. It means that we will be even more in the US than before and probably also all around the globe… Sure it goes along with the fact that we use a big deal of MS software offering, but so many startups do this that it is not only the only reason. To give you an idea, Kobojo and Talentsoft are the only other French startups part of the BS One program (in our view Criteo is no longer a French company…). Even more : there are 35,000 startups queuing in the basic BizSpark programme…

We are really proud of being chosen by MS to be part of the BizSpark One program, and stay tuned… we will make a few big announcements in the next coming days and weeks.

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